Are you looking for waysto get your team at optimum capacity?  Would you like to have everyone enjoy their job and be productive?  Hania Consulting provides effective management consulting, team building expertise and organizational development.  We can help you make sure that your team is pulling with you and not against you.

Spirit Warrior Coaching
Accelerate employee growth and build a "success culture"
"I gained some of the most beneficial goal setting and planning that we have had since we started our business.”  
Brandon Berumen,
LEI Companies

DiSC Profile
This personal assessment  is a powerful tool to enhance organizational development and improve individual performance.
We can embed this assessment tool in From this tool, you can determine for each individual:  basic tendencies, greatest strengths, natural limitations, communication styles, fears, decision making and how they will act under pressure.   This is a great tool for team building and leadership development.

360 Degree Assessment
The 360 Degree Assessment is a proven feedback and development process that can measure the leadership competency within your organization.  You can also use this
instrument to identify gaps in bench strength and address retention.  The Executive Quotient Survey assists in developing leadership skills by presenting a model known as the Executive EQ Task Cycle, which places the skills in priority sequence and gives direction in how to build them.  Keller Hayes is certified through The Booth Company.

From leadership to accelerating your life, Keller Hayes brings her down to earth style together with years of experience.  Growing up in a cowboy world, she has worked for years to develop leadership roles for women.  As past President of the largest women's chamber in the country, she brings a depth of knowledge to how to make female/male teams work better not harder.  She has spoken internationally on taking female leadership to the next level with men as equal partners.

Organizational Development
Learn how to take your organization to the next level.  Hayes built the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) from 600 members to 1600 members – the largest women’s chamber in the country.  She developed membership benefits and strategies, communications initiatives, board training, marketing materials, event coordination and employee training.  She implemented processes and developed standards that earned her the 2002 SBA Woman Advocate of the Year Award.  The American Chamber of Commerce Executives asked Hayes to speak at their national convention to help others learn how to incorporate women and minorities into their organizations.  She can help you develop short term and long term strategies for growth and retention.  “Hayes earned the respect in the Denver community by turning a failing organization into the most dynamic women’s chamber in the country.”  former chamber executive.

Leadership - The Gender Connection ©
Men and women have distinctly different ways of communicating, networking, developing teams and leading.  Keller Hayes, with Joseph Serna, brings a distinctly unique perspective to understanding the Gender Connection ©.  Keller Hayes served as President of the largest women's chamber in the country.  Coming from a matriarchal background with his Hopi Indian culture, Serna grew up with strong women.  Find out how their experiences can help your organization become more productive and focused.  They can help you decrease conflict, increase employee satisfaction and build a culture of success.

"We enjoyed your presentation.  We appreciated your honesty, sense of humor, and leadership."
Colorado School of Mines
Few speakers in my life have moved me the way your speech that evening did. 
Technical Service Engineer
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