“Keller Hayes is a role model to other women, encouraging them to achieve more than they thought was possible.”              Denver Mayor 
John Hickenlooper
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"I learned to focus on what's in hand and still have a larger vision in place."
Navin Nageli, Navjoy

“Working with Keller has been an incredible eye opening experience."   
 Rick Gallegos, NetBuilders

“The direct and honest feedback ignited creative thinking, some deep "soul searching" and a re-evaluation of my standards.”
 Gina Del Castillo

"The coaching gave me a clear direction and my business the boost it needed for such a long time. I am truly grateful."
      Pat Broxton, Broxton Design & Develpment
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“There hasn't been a wasted moment in my coaching meetings."

Randy Leger, Firetech

“Keller’s coaching  is designed for a person who is willing to be honest with themselves and commit to making improvements in their life, both personally and professionally.”  
 Lenee Koch, LEI Companies

"The Hoya Program gave me the push to start doing things differently and implement procedures rather than just winging it."
Marvinetta Hartwig, Hartwig and Associates

"I'm getting the help I needed to get my company refocused and moving toward the goals I've always talked about acheiveing."
Ruth Hollins, SOS Nursing Services

"The coaching forced me to think differently.  It helped me to stretch my comfort zone."
Sandra Scanlon, Scanlon Consulting Services
"The best part is getting real honest feedback on how I have been doing.  I feel like someone lit a fire under me."              Lisa Goodbee, Goodbee & Associates