Hania is the Hopi word for "spirit warrior". Have you been looking for a way to improve your professional performance and find the passion that drives you?  We can help you understand your strengths, identify your passion and maximize your performance.  Through our coaching programs, you will clarify your goals and become a more authentic leader that produces results and lives a more passionate life. 

We use the DiSC Profile, management experience and coaching credentials to help each individual develop a success strategy.    Keller Hayes is a certified coach and hynotist. She uses hypnosis to help you identify your subconsious road blocks and replace those beliefs with ones that serve you.

Spirit Warrior Coaching

"I’ve had coaches before but nothing like this. Keller gave me more guidance in the past few months than I've gotten in years for myself and my company."
Ruth Hollins, SOS Nursing
Results Driven Coaching
"The best part is getting real honest feedback on how I have been doing.  I feel like someone lit a fire under me."   Lisa Goodbee, Goodbee & Associates

Keller Hayes is a certified coach through Coach Training Alliance.  After seven years of building the largest women's chamber in the country, she decided to help executive women and women buisness owners that are ready to blow down the barn doors.  She developed strategies for  helping individuals assemble their basic building blocks for success.  The Small Business Administration named Keller Hayes as the Women in Business Advocate of the Year.  She is a proven business coach.   Through the Hoya Program, she helped companies increase their annual revenues by an average of 50% in only one year.  She is a results driven coach.

Removing Subconscious Blocks to Peak Performance
Keller uses hypnosis to help you identify the blocks that have been in your way.  85% of our thoughts, beliefs and behavior are controlled by our subconscious mind.  Keller uses hypnosis to help clients replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs at the subconscious level.

Training & Speaking
Hania Consulting is licensed to provide the DiSC Profile and the 360 Assessment.   Her training topics cover:
-Collaborative Skills for Teams
-Frontline Management - Leveraging the Strengths 
of your Style
-Gender Communication - He Said, She Said

"Keller's coaching is designed for a person who is willing to be honoest with themselves and commit to making improvments in their life, both personally and professionally."
Lenee Koch, LEI Companies
“What a magical and powerful group you have put together. I will happily never be the same... just better and better.
Prisca Kolkowski Learmann
Few speakers in my life have moved me the way your speech that evening did.  
Technical Service Engineer
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